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A legacy as precious as time


VACHERON CONSTANTIN is the oldest fine watch manufacturer in the world with collections of timepieces of the highest quality. The company has carried its vision of time throughout centuries, always maintaining its excellent and stringent standards.  After so much time spent in the watchmaking industry, the brand values are deeply rooted in each piece it creates. Almost all watch models have left their marks in the world of fine watchmaking.


Besides new collections and re-launches of some of their most exquisite watch models, they also deal with restoring vintage watches inside their manufacturing plants. They revive rare pieces using both traditional models and ultimate technological innovations. All the heritage behind is a strong supportive background that clears the way towards fine art.

Their collections are way impressive, comprising of unique models created using unique manufacturing ways. Wide range of wristwatches that are a great way to feel valued and appreciated.


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Using movements such as manual winding, automatic and Quartz, each wristwatch model has a unique combination of complicated features and the finest materials such as Platinum, Gold or Steel. With straps or bracelets, they’re stylish enough to fit any taste in luxurious Swiss watches. From modern, casual looks to supreme elegance, the collections are so fulfilling that they will catch breaths.


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