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The precision of the mechanisms determines optimum performance. TAG HEUER has been manufacturing luxurious Swiss watches since 1860. The experience and passion for beautiful and performant features are highlighted in each brand collection. With its sporting roots, the company has brought a lot of innovations to the watch market early on.

Even though their history is more related to the sports world, out of where a lot of durable timepieces came out, such as the Carrera, nowadays the collections are so vast that there’s a perfect model for each style.

The company’s portfolio comprises of a wide range of strap styles and materials, nicely matched with durable cases, under which the most precious watch intelligence lies. Elegant models, vintage details, classic looks, casual wear or eccentric appeal, TAG HEUER has it all.

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TAG HEUER’s watch offer includes movements such as Quartz and inhouse built calibers with different winding systems such as Automatic, Automatic Chronograph, Tourbillion Chronometer, or “Tête De Vipère” – a hallmark of excellence and exclusiveness.

Most of the models also have, besides the top movements and design, special features such as stop-second or fast date correction. When there is so much legacy, there is also room to play with features in the right way that TAG HEUER does.

The same stands for innovations brought in the case materials used. From titanium, steel, gold, and bronze to ceramic, carbon and PVD coating, every technique and material used has been updated to the newest watch lovers’ requests.

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