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ROLEX: The Ultimate Watches of Prestige


ROLEX is probably the most known luxury watch brand in the world. Besides being present on the market since 1905, it has also been present in famous movies, celebrities’ lives and it has a well-established reputation of selling at auctions the most expensive watch models ever.


After taking a look at their heritage, it’s easily understandable why the company keeps breaking grounds: the passion for watchmaking has been carried on perfectly along all this time. It’s easily spotted in the looks and feels of every watch, from design to performance. It seems like nothing beats ROLEX.


Their broad collections of watches are made to suit any wrist and according to styles, each wristwatch is a perfect combination of style and functionality. In terms of innovations, there is always improvement in mechanisms, materials, and styles. One of such novelty is the Oystersteel material that belongs to the 904L steel family, made to be extremely resistant with exceptional beauty. There are also models with combinations of the Oystersteel with Gold, or just simple Gold.


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The brand promotes its watch models as either Classic or Professional, but the range of styles is way broader. From smooth to gem-set bezels to complicated or simple functions, the combinations existent in each watch varies a lot and that’s for the customer to find the perfect product.


One can choose the style of the hour markers from Classic to Arabic to Roman to Gem-set, but also on the type of dials: light, colored, dark, etc. The features include functions such as Chronograph, Yachting, Moonphase, Date or No date.

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