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FRANCK MULLER: “Master of Complications”

Almost thirty years of experience have allowed the watch company FRANCK MULLER to develop a full range of products that are renewed either every year or every 2-3 years and special occasions. They constantly create limited editions, add new designs and innovations, as well as keeping a special place for the vintage editions.

FRANCK MULLER wristwatches are designed to provide comfort and reliability in everyday use. Nonetheless, the collections aimed for professionals ar so to prove that, by each new model, the brand is indeed worthy of the name master of complications. Particular attention is paid to ergonomics and functionality of all FRANCK MULLER products.

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All collections are unique, masterfully keeping the Swiss flavor and precision all the time. These features are most important when dealing with added special, exclusive, and challenging making that watch’s creation a world premiere.

The materials used for the daring wrist watches range from stainless steel to white gold, rose gold, stainless steel, carbon, and titanium. Each is worked with great care and some are brushed, depending on the designs. Which fit all styles, from the elegant ones with gemstone settings to vintage ones that nicely remind of past times with smaller dimensions for the wrists.

Among the complications FRANCK MULLER is so famous for, Chronograph is one of them, added next to technical add-ons such as the split-second chronograph, minute repeater and/or perpetual calendar. Each creation underlines the adventurous spirit of the company, being part of the mechanical watchmaking revival.

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