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There are very few luxury watch brands in the world as renowned as OMEGA is. Since 1848, the year of its foundation made by Louis Brandt, every 2-3 years the company pushes back the boundaries of watchmaking.

Always aiming for the highest technological advancements, the company has maintained its main core values on revolutionizing and innovating in the watch industry.

Today’s OMEGA collections blend almost perfectly all that their tradition had to offer, and that is carried on nicely, and the fast-changing world presenting more challenges. One such challenge is the magnetic forces that need to have a counter-balance in chronometric stability.

Starting with the James Bond ones called so due to their appearance in the movies as early as 1995, then to be the official timekeeper in competitions such as The Olympic Games (2004, 2008, etc.). A spectacular portfolio of limited, special or re-launched editions with equivalent luxurious design and precise mechanism.

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The brand boasts several collections with subcollections, some of which have been awarded as being a fine art in design and an expert in the watch mechanisms. Such a wide range of beautiful watches that there are plenty of options to delight every watch lover. With straps or bracelets, in steel or gold, simple or colored dial, a sublime display of authenticity in vision. All calibers are produced by OMEGA and each watch has different combinations of features, such as Chronograph, Chronometer, Pulsometer, Annual Calendar, etc.

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