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HUBLOT: Luxury Watch Collection At Its Best

HUBLOT is one of the Swiss leading luxury watchmakers, founded by Italian visionary Carlo Croco in 1980 in Switzerland. His passion for wristwatches is what sets the company towards worldwide recognition. One of the watch features he created in the first 3 years since the foundation of the company was the first natural rubber strap ever made in the history of watchmaking.

Being successfully present on the market for so long can only mean one thing: that the brand has always prepared for the future with advanced technology and the latest designs. That’s how their portfolio nowadays boasts with more than 5 collections of hundreds of unique models.
Almost all collections have limited editions, a wide range of movements, straps or cases. The strap is something that the company has always paid very good attention to, considering it to be “like a pair of shoes to an outfit” – which is true. If the strap or bracelet doesn’t perfectly integrate with the case, both functionally and aesthetically, the entire watch is then a fiasco.
It was never the case for Hublot, who keeps creating wonderful and unique natural rubber straps, from smooth to structured and flat to three-dimensional. The novelty that the brand adds to the straps comes from combining the durability of rubber with either exotic leather types or high tech fabrics, such as alligator and flameproof Nomex®, respectively.
Inside one collection, one can find similar designs but with completely different moving mechanisms: from Chronograph to Complication, Manual or Self-winding, to Quartz. Most of the movement’s parts are hand-assembled, while also relying on high-tech methods for perfect manufacturing techniques.

All the brand’s passion and efforts to create high-quality watches can be admired in the uniqueness of their creations. Hublot creates wonderful timepieces that make the wearer’s wrist precious.
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