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Genuine Art of Craft

It was in 1875 that two experienced watchmen joined forces to create something that will last for decades to come. Jules Louis AUDEMARS together with Edward Auguste PIGUET started creating history in watch mechanisms and branded luxurious watchmaking. Their passion for producing watches and for making great sales has remained with the company ever since. It has been a family-owned company ever since.

The concept of the Audemars Piguet is to combine watch performances with high-quality materials that have elegant and contemporary designs, giving a special value to the final products. Furthermore, the functions solutions for reliability, the durability of the products and the groundbreaking approaches are elements that surpass the expectations of their clients.

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The AUDEMARS PIGUET collection consists of exquisite models, each of their names reflects the values of the brand: innovative, modern and promoting its legacy. With mechanisms ranging from hand-wound to self-winding and Quartz, each piece provides an excellent time teller. On the other hand, the models with complications are the most sought for and include options such as displaying the equation of time, minute repeater or Chronometer with Audemars Piguet escapement. All for the higher purpose of enhancing today’s watches’ reliability.

Our high-quality AUDEMARS PIGUET replica watches have the same powerful movements with either simple or complicated movements, just like the basic models do. Find your favorite and enjoy it to the fullest!
All case materials are of the utmost perfection and nicely blend with the brand’s luxurious style. Among the regular Gold, white, yellow or pink, it’s worth mentioning the forged carbon, ceramic and rubber used for the cases for a more sporty look.